What Ukraine needs asap to win the war: Heavy Armor (Long-Range Artillery Missiles / Tactical Missiles)

You might have seen that the US is already helping a lot. This is true. Ukrainians are thankful a lot. But it’s not enough for Ukraine to protect the whole world from a massive threat to humanity.

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Fighters are needed to establish air superiority, protect critical infrastructure and ground troops, prevent hostile bombing attacks, intercept cruise missiles, counter enemy’s airborne operations and to escort friendly attack aircraft.

LORA (“Long Range Attack”) is a theater quasi ballistic missile produced in Israel.It has a range of 400 kilometres (250 mi) and a CEP of 10 metres (33 ft) when using a combination of GPS and TV for terminal guidance.

It can be ship-launched from inside of a standard Intermodal container as well as land-launched.In 2018, it has been offered for sale to the Israel Defense Forces, but a decision on purchasing it has not yet been made.[citation needed] Also in 2018 it was confirmed that the Azerbaijani Land Forces had purchased the system.

LORA played a crucial role in the final days of the 2020 Nagorno-Karabakh war, being used to destroy a vital bridge in the Lachin corridor linking Armenia to the Nagorno-Karabakh region, assisting in the capture of the key city of Shusha.

Currently, russian missiles rain down all over Ukraine, we have to protect our land from this mess and give appropriate respond. This military support will enable Ukraine to reclaim territory lost since February 24th and bring Russia to the negotiating table — not as a superpower throwing ultimatums, but as a neighbor willing to make real concessions. However, without additional weaponry, this war will become an endless bloodbath, spreading misery, suffering, and destruction.

Tetyana Golovatiuk

Valentina Viliura